Piano Instructor II




    Learn how to play your favorite songs on the piano!
    Load any MIDI (.mid) or Karaoke (.kar) song file and play the keys on the light-up piano or practice on your own piano. You don't need to know how to read a music sheet to play the piano!

    => Multitouch light-up Synth Keyboard (note guiding)
    => Virtual Synth Instruments (128 General MIDI instruments)
    => Support for Sustaining notes for Touch Piano
    => Enhanced Synthesizer precision
    => Keyboard re-sizing up to 3 Octaves for Touch piano
    => Play along with the background music (guitar hero like)
    => Step-By-Step Practice on Virtual Piano
    => Full Piano View for piano practice (8 Octaves)
    => View the notes of any instrument in a MIDI file
    => Practise on your own piano with a full Grand Piano view.
    => Tempo/Speed Control
    => Position Seek control
    => Loop Trainer to practice specific sections in repetition
    => Mute background instrument (solo mode)
    => Chords Detection (Maj,Min,Dim, Aug, 7th, Sus2, etc).
    => View lyrics for karaoke midi files
    => Add files to favorite list
    => Advanced Settings for Instruments, Tracks, Tempo, Chords, Lyrics, and performance tuning

    => This software is provided AS-IS and comes with NO WARRANTIES or guarantees.

    ** App requires Android 1.6+ and SD card **
    ** Screen Multi-touch is not supported by all devices.
    ** Playing notes on Virtual Piano is not supported by all devices.
    ** App response and speed varies across devices.

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