PianoStar Lite



It is a keyboard for music to teach the method of performing music like timing and time, etc. to push the keyboard!
Of course, it is possible to perform as a usual keyboard.
The Multi-touch is possible!!

The tone that can be used is as follows.

* 2 tones of General MIDI (GM) (Pay version:128 tones!)
* 61 sounds of percussion of General MIDI (GM)

The octave can do nine phases of adjustment.

The Score-style has the following kinds.

* Conform to tempo
* Awaiting input

In addition, there is an automatic play function.
The thing performed with the keyboard together is possible!

As noted above, can choose various exercise methods.

== More infomation ==

== Collection musics ==
The collection music is as follows.

* Ode to Joy (Beethoven)
* Jingle Bells
Note: There are 20 musics of pay versions!
Note: Each music is arranged a little.

== About pay version ==
Unlike a pay version, some functions are limited.
The limits are as follows.
* Only two usable tones (as for 128 colors of pay versions!)
* Only two of usable collecting musics (as for 20 musics of pay versions!)
* The MIDI file reading of the SD card is not possible(the pay version can add a favorite MIDI file!)

The advertisement communicates frequently, and it continues being displayed by a screen.
Please think about the purchase of the pay version when you think that an advertisement is obstructive.

== Attention for this Free edition ==
This free edition is intended to have you know the function of the pay version.
In addition, distribute it for the person who cannot purchase a pay version.
Please think about the purchase of the pay version when you can buy a pay version.

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