Play Guitar in 7 Days FLAT



Play Guitar!

Learn Guitar In 7 Days FLAT

Learn the basics of how to play the guitar in 7 days. From music theory to playing popular songs. The goal is provide a solid foundation of understanding for the beginner guitarist. Topics covered over 7 days include:-

■DAY 1 – Fundamentals of Your Guitar Tuning Hand & Finger Basics Open Chords.

■DAY 2 – Major open chords, Minor open chords, Dominant 7th major chords, Major 7th open chords, Diminished chords Augmented chords.

■DAY 3 – Beginning Theory Major scales, Minor scales,Harmonic minor scales, Melodic minor scales.

■DAY 4 – Beginning Theory Cont. Key signature glossary, Notation & other music symbols.

■DAY 5 – Tablature.

■DAY 6 – CAGED system for barre chords, E & A Forms Power chords, Strumming Patterns.

■DAY 7 – Time to Play & Conclusion.

Learn Guitar In 7 Days FLAT

Note: If you desire to play guitar and you are just beginning to learn guitar then this guide may be of great help to you. Many people have wondered 'how do i play the guitar'. In most cases, when you learn how to play the guitar it is very challenging and most people give up on their dream to play guitar. It is important for you to know that playing the guitar is a lifetime experience. You will always be learning new things about the guitar the more you study guitar. So buckle in for the ride and one day soon someone may ask you 'how do you play guitar'.

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