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    For a good working Sound System it is essential that all loudspeakers are wired correctly.

    With this app you can check the "polarity" of a speaker, whether it first moves forwards or backwards (often mistakenly named "phase", which is also time and frequency related).

    A loudspeaker should have the same polarity as it's "friend on the other side" when measured at the same position/distance. This also counts for multiple speakers which should be doing the same (a cluster of multiple subwoofers for instance).

    Important notes:
    - Red is NOT bad!! A lot of filter-designs that drive loudspeakers have out of polarity components (so for instance the high frequency speaker CAN be opposite polarity to the low frequency speaker).
    - Try to measure as close to the speaker as possible (and away from bass-ports).
    - dBFS means "Decibels relative to full scale". So 0dBFS is the maximum soundpressure your device is capable of handling without distorting (clipping).
    - Using a different pulse signal CAN give opposite readings, due to loudspeaker filter designs. Use the same pulse when comparing!

    Polarity Checker can be useful for testing almost all sound sources. Like large scale concert PA systems, home theater systems, studio monitors, car audio en even headphones..


    For playing the pulse signal you have 3 options:
    - Use a wire to connect your phone/tablet to the Sound System.
    - Use 2 phones/tablets (one wired for pulse generation and one without wires for measuring).
    - Copy the pulse files (which can be found in sd-card/PolarityChecker) to a playback medium (cd/iPod) that is able to repeat single tracks.
    - When the polarity-reverse button "Ø" is pressed (red), the pulse generator plays a negative pulse. So the measurement should give opposite readings! (equal to playing an INVERTED_pulseXXXX.mp3 file)

    - Avoid CLIPPING the microphone, this could corrupt the measurement.
    - Adjust the threshold, so the checker doesn't get triggered by background noise.
    - Try to measure one speaker at a time. If possible mute all other sound sources.

    When measuring "passive filtered" speaker cabinets (for instance when you've got one amplifier driving your low and high speaker at the same time), it can be useful to select a frequency dependent pulse to isolate the speaker you want to measure.

    If you like this app, please comment and rate. If you've got any questions, bugs or feature requests, please visit the facebook page:

    - RECORD_AUDIO: To use the mic input of the device
    - STORAGE: Needed to copy the pulse files to the sdcard
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    Stanley Tan

    by Stanley Tan

    Feb 19, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Simple effective tools. Unfortunately, doesn't work well with xiaomi Redmi note 3 plugged with aux cable to stereo unit. Mic does not pick up tone... Gotta use a second phone to do the reading while the first to generate tone.

    Cameron Sardelic

    by Cameron Sardelic

    Jan 20, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Dosen't work at all

    Mickey Mishra

    by Mickey Mishra

    Jan 09, 2017  |  "Great"

    Gentlemen, THIS WORKS! Yes it has not been updated since 2013, but if it works don't fix it. There is a SMALL learning curve. But its easy, watch my review. Its not PERFECT, but its almost there. As a person that does not like BS apps on his phone, THIS GUY IS A KEEPER! Donate to the dude! It costs 2 bucks. SO SO SO WORTH IT! I was able to find a wiring issue with the driver from the factory 6x9. I could hear it, but this confirmed it. You need some skills to use this tool, and I will be going over that. But its solid. Use with AMPME if you need 2 sources (It will work over bluetooth!) The cons is that it is a LITTLE slow, but that can be fixed if there is ever an update. I would like to see more feedback from the GUI, but I will try to contact the folks and see if they can add these in a future update. Should have video up soon.

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Jan 02, 2017  |  "Awesome"


    Krzysztof MXF

    by Krzysztof MXF

    Nov 26, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Tested on phone speaker. Polarity of separate phone speaker depends on the choosen frequency which is impossible.

    Kim Leong

    by Kim Leong

    Sep 14, 2016  |  "Great"

    Very useful apps for pro speaker check ing