Pro Tools 10 113 Pro Mixing



Mixing sounds to create a cohesive and inspiring piece of music is an art. Join MPV trainer and Pro Tools expert Mike Watkinson as he reveals his favorite mixing techniques and shows you how you can bring your musical canvases to life...
Just like a painter who carefully chooses his colors and brushes to create his art, a mixer listens for the right balance between the many sonic elements that make up a piece of music to create an unforgettable listening experience. In this 40-video tutorial, Pro Tools 10 "artiste" Mike Watkinson shows you how to create an aural masterpiece by using PT’s rich tool palette.

When mixing a music project, an engineer has to be able to hear the big picture one moment and then quickly zero in on a specific color or texture the next. Mike begins his 40-video exploration with a deep dive into mixing, tracks and Pro Tools' unique Group features which helps break down and organize the various elements of your musical painting. He shows you how to create, activate and deactivate groups and how to manage the members of each group of tracks during the evolution of a mix. Then Mike shows you how Automation and Effects can make your tracks breathe with musical expression and really shine within the context of the song.

Making sure your sounds travel through Pro Tools' virtual mixer efficiently is crucial, and Mike is right there with you as you learn all about signal path, sub-mixes and how to properly configure your sends and returns so that your musical parts blend perfectly. You'll also see the powerful AudioSuite plugins in action adding color and depth to your mix. Master Watkinson wraps it all up with more automation tips & tricks and shows you how to enhance the mix through the use of automation playlists.

If you're looking to take your mixing chops to the next level and want to add more tools to your musical paintbox, this tutorial, Mixing Techniques, will get you there fast.

Table of contents:

1. Intro and Objectives
2. Changing Display of Mix and Edit Windows
3. Narrow Mix View
4. Track List Display Options
5. Section 1 Review
6. Grouping Tracks
7. General Group Features
8. Edit Group Parameters
9. Mix Group Parameters
10. Creating a Group
11. Activating and Deactivating Groups
12. Group Membership
13. Showing Members of a Group
14. Selecting Members of a Group
15. Modifying a Group
16. Deleting a Group
17. The All Group
18. Groups and Automation
19. Groups and Elastic Audio
20. Section 2 Review
21. Routing to Paths
22. Routing to Tracks
23. Solo Safe and Submixes
24. Section 3 Review
25. Displaying the Sends View
26. Creating a Return
27. Adding Internal Effects
28. Solo Safe and Sends
29. Send Window Types
30. Send Panner Options
31. Moving and Copying Sends
32. Changing and Removing Sends
33. Using the Plug-in Window
34. AudioSuite Processing in Edit Window
35. Section 4 Review
36. Showing and Hiding Automation Playlists
37. Nudging Automation
38. Cutting and Deleting Automation
39. Deleting Automation Breakpoints
40. Section 5 Review

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