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    Quick Chords is designed to give musicians simple and fast access to useful songwriting, transcribing and composition tools. Great for when you're struggling to come up with a chord progression or just want to quickly change the key of a song to match your voice and style.

    With Quick Chords Free you can view 2 diatonic modes with sharps and flats. This will allow you to find what notes/chords are in each scale, and by using the scale degrees above them, you can start to build your own progressions.

    Ionian (Major)
    Aeolian (minor)

    Circle of Fifths chart will help you with finding the major/minor relatives and key signatures.

    For guitar players:
    The Capo Key Guide is designed for quick switching of keys along the guitar neck. Try your progressions in different positions on the neck while still playing open chords!

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