Reason 6 106 - FX, EQ



The instruments are smoking. The rack is exploding. Now it’s time to pull it all together and make musical sense of all this Reason 6 mayhem! In this tutorial, Hollin Jones get’s you into the mixer and exploring the FX, EQ and automation...
Reason 6‘s new SSL inspired mixer and track automation is incredibly deep. So where do you start? Interestingly enough, Hollin Jones plugs you right in with a look at the Inserts, Sends and FX! Hollin explains when to use them, how to use them and all the awesome dynamics, modulation, distortion and reverb devices you can patch right in from the mixer itself!

Next he leaps right into the more esoteric devices like Scream, Pulveriser (we’ve got a whole tutorial series on that) Vocoder, Netpune and so much more. From there Hollin shows you all the cool sonic transformations you can do with FX automation. Now you’re ready to start learning the rest of the mixer. In this section Hollin explains the channel strips, the master channel mixer, channel strip automation and exporting.

Hollin, in this final collection of 100 Series Reason 6 tutorial-videos, pulls together everything you’ve learned in all the previous chapters to help you catapult your music to the highest heights! So if your looking to turn up the heat in your Reason 6 productions sit back and learn from the Reason Master: Hollin Jones.

Table of Contents:

1. Insert Effects
2. Send Effects
3. Dynamics FX
4. Modulation FX
5. Reverb and Scream 4
6. Pulverizer
7. The Echo
8. Alligator
9. Guitar Effects
10. Vocoder
11. Neptune: The Basics
12. Neptune: Advanced
13. Neptune: Voice Synthesis and MIDI
14. CV Devices
15. Audio Splitting - Part 1
16. Audio Splitting - Part 2
17. Automating FX
18. Mixer Channel Strips - Part 1
19. Mixer Channel Strips - Part 2
20. Mixer Quick Controls
21. Automating the Mixer
22. The Master Channel
23. Exporting
24. Wrap-up

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