Reason 6 207 Dr. OctoRex

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    Imagine 8 Rex files simultaneously slicing and dicing, mixing and mashing to make the most amazing rhythmic masterpieces. Combine Dr. Octo Rex and the expertise of Reason Master, Mo Volans, and the unimaginable has become reality...
    Look out! There’s a doctor in the house and this mad surgeon has 8 scalpels! His name is Dr. Octo Rex and he’s going to "doctor-up" your tracks with the ability to slice and dice 8 (count ‘em) REX files at the same time to create the coolest rhythmic mashup ever!

    Mo Volans (our very own in-house Dr. of Reasonology) takes us to the operating room and amazes us with his virtuosic knowledge of how the extraordinary new Dr. Octo Rex works. So scrub up, put on your rubber gloves and start slicing along with Mo as he shows us the Art of Sonic Surgery with this advanced new rack device: Dr. Octo Rex!

    Table of contents:

    1. Introducing the Dr. OctoRex
    2. The Octorex Two Part Interface
    3. The Basics of the .rex Format
    4. Reason 5's Rex Library
    5. The 'Octo' Slots
    6. Loading .rex Files
    7. Playing and Auditioning Files
    8. Selecting and Viewing Slots and Loops
    9. The 'Trig Next Loop' Modes
    10. The Sample Display Window
    11. Selecting Individual Slices
    12. Transposing your Loops
    13. The Slice Based Parameters
    14. The Slice Edit Mode
    15. Mangling Your Loops with Graphical Edits
    16. The Multi-mode Filter
    17. The Filter Envelope
    18. The Amp Envelope
    19. The Tempo Synced LFO
    20. Pitch Bend and Polyphony Controls
    21. Oscillator Pitch Modulation
    22. Mod Wheel Mapping
    23. Velocity Mapping
    24. Interpolation and Bandwidth Modes
    25. The Slice Outputs
    26. The Gate Inputs and Outputs
    27. Modulation Inputs and Outputs
    28. Copying Parts to the Reason Sequencer
    29. Generating MIDI Files from the Octorex

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