Reason 6 - Recording Vocals

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    When it comes to recording and editing vocal performances, Reason 6 gives you limitless possibilities! Come along for the ride as Reason wizard Hollin Jones shows you how he creates platinum vocal tracks in Reason 6...
    Great sounding vocal makes a great song even better. They draw in the listener and create an unforgettable emotional experience. But how do you craft that perfect take and find the right emotion and the right energy? Enter Reason expert Hollin Jones who shares his vast Reason experience and reveals some of his best tips and tricks so you, too, can make the most out of your vocal tracks.

    First you'll learn how to accurately set up your audio interface to get the best sonics possible before you hit that "Big Red Button" . Hollin also explains how to create a comfortable atmosphere for your singer using Reason's rich reverb and delays while recording. You'll get to hear a take as it's being recorded and see just how magical Clip Safe's healing capabilities are when recording your vocal using Balance: Reason's new hardware partner.

    Sometimes the best performance happens over several takes, but not always in one Hollin demonstrates how you can use the best parts of each take and put them together into one killer track! This chock-full-of-tips tutorial also opens up a lot of sonic doors by showing you how to compress, bend and twist your vocal tracks using Reason's unique tools and effects.

    So go ahead, fire up Reason 6 and let MPV Lead Trainer Hollin Jones teach you how to make your vocals shine and stand out in your mix.

    Table of contents:

    1. Introduction to Vocals in Reason
    2. Setting Audio Preferences
    3. Recording Levels & Clip Safe
    4. Recording Using Insert Effects
    5. An Example of Recording Too Loud
    6. An Example of a Clean Vocal Take
    7. Understanding Audio Clip Envelopes
    8. Clip Editing in Song View
    9. Audio Editing in Edit View
    10. Compositing Vocals - Part 1
    11. Compositing Vocals - Part 2
    12. Importing Loops & Timestretching
    13. The Insert Effects System
    14. Using Compression on Vocals
    15. Insert Effect Chain Presets
    16. Adding Space With Reverb
    17. Echo and Delay on Vocals
    18. Understanding EQ
    19. Distortion on Vocals
    20. The Pulveriser
    21. Trance Vocal FX with Alligator
    22. Double-tracking Vocals
    23. Pitch Shifting & Harmonies
    24. Sampling Audio
    25. Arranging and Mixing Vocal Tracks
    26. Neptune Pitch Adjuster Basics
    27. Transposing Audio in Realtime
    28. MIDI and Voice Synthesis
    29. Vocoding in Reason - Part 1
    30. Vocoding in Reason - Part 2
    31. Wrap-up

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