Reason 6 - Working With Audio

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    Reason 6 - Working With Audio

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    Reason now records, processes and samples audio! This tutorial by Reason 6 expert Hollin Jones shows you just how seamless working with audio is in Reason 6...
    Learn how audio works in Reason from input to output. You’ll see how to set proper levels and configure your monitoring. From there we move to recording tracks, stretching audio, working with loops and using samples. Hollin explains the process step by step to ensure that your tracks really pop!

    Next he dives into Reason’s cool algorithms for time-stretching (and shrinking) audio. Hollin even shows you how to record pre-processed audio using Reason’s amazing arsenal of effects.

    Did anyone say sampling ? Yes, you can sample your audio tracks right into Reason 6’s collection of samplers and drum machines. There’s no better way to create samples anywhere! And this is just the beginning…

    This tutorial by’s Reason 6 audio guru, Hollin Jones, will open your eyes and ears to all the cool stuff that Reason 6 has to offer in the world of audio. Check it out!

    Table of contents:

    1. How Audio Works in Reason
    2. Getting Ready for Recording
    3. Where Does Reason Store Audio?
    4. Setting Audio Levels
    5. Monitoring
    6. Recording 1 Audio Track
    7. Recording Multiple Audio Tracks
    8. Audio Stretching Basics
    9. Importing Audio Files
    10. Timestretching Audio Loops
    11. Recording With Insert FX Pt 1
    12. Recording With Insert FX Pt 2
    13. Sampling Audio Into Devices
    14. Sample Management in Reason
    15. Editing Audio Clips
    16. Audio Processing Using Sequencer
    17. Compositing Audio Basics
    18. Advanced Audio Compositing
    19. Audio and Tempo Automation
    20. Audio Routing Basics
    21. Advanced Audio Routing
    22. Rewire: What Is It?
    23. Advanced Rewire Techniques

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