Receiver Beta



A simple Podcast manager for Android Jelly Bean that lets you subscribe, download and listen to podcast's on your device. It offers many of the features you would expect from a podcatcher designed for android Holo.

This is the beta release for Receiver, as such there are still incomplete features and bugs. Please provide feedback about the design, features and any bugs you encounter. This will allow us to further improve and expand Receivers capabilities.

Current features that are implemented:
• Subscribing to RSS podcast feeds
• Automatic updating and downloads
• Downloading and streaming of episodes
• Headset and Bluetooth control integration
• Rich notifications to control playback
• And much more!

Planned features for a future release:
• Built in video player
• OPML import and export
• Podcast directory
• Improved internationalization
• Homescreen and Lockscreen widgets
• And much more!

Thanks for trying the Receiver Beta.