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    Even if you’re not in Jamaica rhyme for the skank.

    How would you like to lose yourself for a while into the endless sea of Jamaican rhythm?

    If you enjoy the soothing experience of a sound that caresses and does not bang, we have the perfect station for you. If you wish to close your eyes and immediately be in the enchanting beaches of Jamaica, then we have the means for you to travel. If you love to move your body to a slow, luring tempo and be hypnotized by reggaeton, then stay with us. We got what you need.

    “I love this station and its music. It makes me feel like flying every single day.” – A. King.

    Positive radio for positive people.
    • Hear all music that enlightens the soul.
    • If you don’t expect the sky to fall on your head all the time, you’re at the right place.

    Give a well-performed kick to depression.
    • Listen to the only free music that will free you as well.
    • Feel light as a bird and you can fly as a bird.

    Who isn’t familiar with reggae music? Even the ones who consider themselves hard rock followers know Bob Marley.

    Who has pictured a sunny, sandy beach with blue clear waters with a reggae band on the background playing and celebrating the gift of life? There is something about this music that immediately connects our thoughts to a slow, indolent, reckless life by the sea.

    Ever since reggae music took its first, shy steps in the 1960’s in Jamaica, the music scene has never been the same. The soft, slow tempo, the domineering presence of the off-beat rhythm, the sweet-toned voices of its performers have turned reggae into one of the most sovereign music genres.

    Our online radio honors this slow-dance music and its amazing songs. We don’t care for music charts and numbers, we just focus on good music, free for everyone and available to all.

    Many music websites which will assure you that they have the best reggae music. We don’t brag. Come and see for yourself. Listen to Scotty singing to his Miss Wire Waist. Hear Desmond Dekker praying for Unity with his melodic, cheerful voice. Let Beres Hammond convince you to Come Back Home with his hoarse sensual plea.

    There is nothing more fulfilling than making a living doing exactly what you love most. The people that constitute our online radio station are in this position. They act according to their souls’ definitions and expectations and provide you with the perfect outcome of outstanding reggae music and online songs. It’s a life’s dream come true and a deposit of spirit and heart.

    That’s the difference between us and other online music websites. We give you music radio coming straight from dreamland.

    We share our favorite music with you, because we know you share with us the need to hear it.

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