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Rock Radio app for Android is designed for music lovers. It streams unlimited rock music 24/7 with wide variety of rock music channels. Listening to quality rock music now is at finger tips, download this Rock Radio now for FREE. An enriched visual effect is embedded to provide better music experience to app users. Check out the song that is currently playing, with just a simple touch on the button, you will be able to find out more information about the song, even to purchase and download it. A live chat session is embedded also to allow listeners from around the world to communicate and share among rock music experience.

@Live streaming 24/7 unlimited rock musics.
@Plenty of rock channel options.
@Current playing song info stream.
@Check details song info for purchase and download.
@Enriched graphical visual effects.
@Live chat to share rock music experience with user from around the globe.
@Free download.

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