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This is not your normal MP3 player.

In fact, this is not intended to replace your normal MP3 player at all!

The Ruthless MP3 Slayer is designed to be an easy one-song-one-click solution for quickly spring-cleaning out your mouldy old MP3 collection.

This app is for those of us with huge cluttered folders dotted with old songs that we always skip past when they come up - yet never remember to remove them from our playlists for next time.


The author of this app will not be held responsible for any unintended loss of files due to trigger-happy fingers, etc.


[ Features ]
- No messing about with playlists and syncing, just dump a folder full of tracks and load it into the app. Simple.

- (Though playlists are still supported.)

- No confirmation prompts on delete; Be Ruthless!

- (Though for those who believe in second chances there is the Wimpy Mode.)

- Wimpy Mode changes the Delete button to a Move button. Files will be moved to a preset Wimpy Folder instead of being deleted immediately.

- Pocket Mode allows you to clean out your music collection without looking at the screen at all - great for walking down the street, standing in a crowded train or even riding a bike!

[ Tips ]
- Long press a folder in the Folder Browser to add folders recursively.
- Tap a song in The Playlist to start playing from that track immediately.
- Discover Pocket Mode...

Happy Cleaning!
- Brian Nutz

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