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Learn To Play Sax

As the name suggests this is a learning app with over 150 video lessons.

The first 28 are included and the rest can be added as and when you wish to progress.

Saxophone How To Assemble
Saxophone Basic Fingerings video 1
Saxophone Basic Fingerings video 2
Saxophone Longtones***
Saxophone Beginner Recomendations
Saxophone Long Tone Exercise (Easy)
Saxophone Tonguing Exercise
Saxophone Breathing
Saxophone Octaves (Beg/Inter)
Saxophone Sound
Saxophone Beginner Sax Reeds Recomendation
Saxophone Tips on Saxophone Reeds
Saxophone Tips On Storing Sax Reeds
Saxophone Beginners Protect Your Sax
Saxophone Keep Your Sax In Working Order
Saxophone Cases & What To Look For
Saxophone Sticky Keys & Sax Tips
Saxophone Pads
Rentals vs Owning Instruments
Saxophone Reeds Parts of the Reed
Saxophone Intonating Saxophones video 1
Saxophone Intonating Saxophones video 2
Saxophone Saxophonists List
Saxophone Pre-requisit Before First Lesson
Saxophone Ranges video 1
Saxophone Ranges (video 2)
Octaves Exercise
Saxophone Flexibility
10 Easy Lessons Learn To Play Saxophone Preview
How to Play the Sax : Saxophone Warm-Up Routines
Vibrato Polycarbonate Saxophone Review
Saxophone Overtones
How to Play Pink Panther on Tenor Saxophone
Saxophone Lesson-Dominant 7th scales
Low Bb to B trill on saxophone.
Saxophone Lesson: How to play fast by Jody Espina
Baker Street - How to play on Saxophone
Saxophone Lessons 1-5
How to Play Jazz Sax Scales for Beginners on the Saxophone
Great Technique-The Chromatic Scale Lesson 1 clip.mp4
Selmer Mark 6 Tenor Sax 1955
Sax Alto Selmer Mark VI Paris #39
David Sanborn Concert at SELMER Paris
Advanced Saxophone Exercises : Upper Register Runs on the Saxophone
Swing Supreme tenor sax jazz improvisation ii-V-I
Sax Blues Improvisation
Saxophone Blues Scales : Saxophone Blues Scale in G
Saxophone Lessons: Pentatonic Scales : Saxophone Scales: Major-Minor Pentatonic Scale Inversion
Sopranino & Bass Saxophone Duet
Kenny G alto saxophone
How to Play Alto Sax
Saxophone: Playing Your First Notes
Beginner Saxophone - First Notes
How To Play Justin Biebers "Baby" on SAXOPHONE
How To Learn Songs From Recordings
Posiciones del Sax Alto / Full range Alto Sax positions
Beginner Sax - How to make your first sound
How to Play Tequila on Tenor Sax - Tenor Saxophone
Alto Sax Lesson Jackson 5 Bass Line on Alto Saxophone
Kirk Whalum - Interview Detroit Jazz Festival Part 1 of 2
Jazz Improvisation #2
Victor Wooten - Lesson on technique
Bass Lesson Jaco Pastorius - modern electric bass
Flea Bass DVD Lesson
Saxophone Fingering Chart
Careless whisper - (Alto Sax score) - Claudio Navarro Guenel
SaxTutor - Software based Saxophone Scales and Finger Chart
Saxophone Tips #1 - Low Bb trill
Tetris Arrangement for Marching Band
How to play "Hotel California Unplugged" on guitar #1 of 4
Hotel California Solo Lesson Part 1
Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You (boquilhas Ever-ton)
Subcontrabass saxophone 1
Saxophone Learn How To Growl!
Pirates of carribean - He's a pirate
Guitar Lesson - How to play "Hotel California" #1 of 7
Award Winning Kress High School Band Playing Michael Brown's Pirates of the Caribbean
Mamma Mia - ( 1st Soprano )
Harry Potter (Play-along music for flute
Pink Panther Simple
You can't touch this
Pirates of the Caribbean
Hotel California - The Eagles (Acoustic Cover)
Hotel California intro guitar lesson
LOTR Theme - Classical Guitar (with tab)
pirates of the caribbean guitar chords by kokose02
Pirates of the Caribbean: He's a Pirate (Guitar Variation)
Besame Mucho ( Alto SAX )
Shakira Whenever
Pirates of the Caribbean- First Flight Middle School
Music from Pirates of the Caribbean (Klaus Badelt
Progressive Beginner Harmonica Preview
David Pope Demonstrates Altissimo for Alto Saxophone
Altissimo notes for alto sax

And many more

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