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Artist Summary

Genres: Hip Hop / R&B / Rap

Label: Tenf Planet Productions, Mo Betta Ent, Paine Ent

Management: Karim Staine

Artist Bio

!!!!...ShoWCasE...!!!! Lives, Breathes And Understand Nothing
But Music. "God Is My Dj, Life Is My Stage, Love Is My Voice, Rhythms
My Age, Haters Are Fans, Watch Them Lose It, My Hearts The Lyrics, I
Am The Music". Born And Raise In The Bronx, New York; Birth Place Of
Hip-Hop. Limits Himself To No Type Of Music At All. Believes That If
Your Going To Refer To Yourself As An Artist You Should Be Opened
Minded To All Types Of Music Reguardless Of Genre. "Has The Energy",
"Acually Makes You Listen", "I'd Put Him Up Against Drake", "Love Your
Style And Finesse", "Its Good To Hear Someone Acually Say Something"
Are Just Some Of The Things Being Said To Him Along This Music Journey.

At This Time Im Acually Bringing Together A Mixtape Called "My
Thoughts". I'm Also Involved With A Very Talented Producer/Business
Man By The Name Of Anthony Metcalf; Creator Of Mo Betta Ent. He Has
Composed 5 Projects Of Mine Such As "Gangsta" & "Congrats" Just To
Name A Few. Furthermore I'v Been Doing Open Mics Around My Local Area
To Support My Movement And Mixtape. Still Setting Up A Couple More In
The Near Future.

An Independent Solo Artist That Has Come Along Way. No Im No Trappa,
Havent Been To Jail, Never Sold Drugs Or Used Them. "I Hustle...But
Not The Pounds Of The Drow/ I Hustle By Giving Homies A Pound And Then
The Flow/". My Music Acually Originated Off Of Poetry. After The
Poetry Stage I Found A Flow Of My Own, Grabbed A Mic And Started
Recording. As Time Progressed I Was Able To Munipulate The Way I Used
The Flow And Began To Control The Speed And Delivery Of It. In My
Honest Opinion I Can Top Alot Of Artist In The Industry Now. Music
Isnt Quite The Same Anymore, Which Is Why All These Songs Sound Alike.

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