This app is an app playing music.
Select a song to play on a per-folder basis, is a music player to play or shuffle play order of songs in playlists, or.
That can be played on a unit. Folder
Volume can be reduced from two terminal configuration.
Can exit the app automatically when the number of songs played three provisions.
Exclusion of the song playback can be set 4.
This is 4 points.

This app is made up of seven screen.
If you read the meantime use ① ~ ③ can be.
Person who uses the full capabilities of this app, please read the description of ① ~ ⑦.

① [main screen]
Is "the main screen and can play or stop music."

Play "seek" play next song, "" Play previous song, "" pause "," "Play" will be "by pressing the shuffle" button to shuffle the order of the songs. By pressing the button "sort order of the songs", can be sorted in ascending order by file path.
By manipulating the "seek bar" of volume, you can also turn down the volume. This volume as setting the terminal does not matter. This setting is only volume of this app.
Even down to the lowest volume of the terminal, the volume of the music file is too large! This is useful when called.

② [Folder Settings screen]
Is "screen to select the folder to determine the list of songs to play," that is displayed when you press the button "Set Folder" in the [main window].

To generate a play list of songs from a music file in the folder can check more than one folder, that is checked.
Check for duplicate file folder, so you have not, how many songs can also be included in the list of songs to play the same song.

That information will be saved when you press when you change the check and then tap the list, the button "Registration Folder" or, "OK" button if you delete or move. Will not be saved even if you press the back key.

③ [registration screen Folder
Is "the screen to register the folders that appear in the Folder Settings screen" that appears when you press the button "Register" folder under folder settings screen.

Folder on the best path to be registered is displayed. Folder path that is displayed when you press the "OK" button are registered and the display returns to the screen folder settings.
By pressing and holding the folder, you can also register continuously. If you press and hold the folder, the folder that appears at the top of the screen rather than to be registered, press and hold the folder that will be registered.

④ [setting screen Playlist]
Is "screen to select the play list to determine the list of songs to play" that is displayed when you press the button "Setting playlist" on the [main window].

From the play list that is stored in the SD card, you can generate a list of songs played.
Unlike the folder settings screen, because you can not, such as registration, special operations such as there is no long press.
Play list generation to complex playlist, a folder is currently not supported.

⑤ [screen song list Play]
Is "screen that displays a list of songs Play" that appears when you press the button "Display list of songs played" in the [main window].

If you check the "use the exclusion list of songs" in the [Setting] window will be added to the list of songs when deleting exclusion of the song.

⑥ [screen song display list exclusion]
List "of songs to be excluded when generating the list of songs Play" that appears when you press the View button songs exclusion list "in the [main window].

If it is "to use the exclusion list song" in the settings, the songs that appear on this screen, will be excluded when generating the list of songs played.

Press and hold the list, you can delete the exclusion list of songs selected, the deletion of all exclusion list of songs.

⑦ [Setting] window
Is "on the screen to configure this app" that appears when you select the "Settings", press the Menu key.

Operation check models
・Xperia (Android 2.1)
・Xperia GX(Android 4.1.2)
・Nexus7 (Android 4.4.2)
・Xperia Z3 Compact(Android 4.4.4)

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