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    Song-it is a free application to fuse multiple songs and playback or record the same. The user will be able to select any desired portion of a song and use the same to be fused with desired portions of other songs. The application will play the fusion for the user. If interested, the user can record/generate audio file of the fusion in the same app and use it for playing in future or recorded/generated audio file can be used as a ringtone.

    1) Playing songs.
    2) Fuse multiple songs.
    3) Mark and play desired portion of a song.
    4) Record fusion songs.
    5) Record your voice/song along with background music.
    6) Karaoke recording.
    7) Generate normal and fusion ringtone.
    8) Create normal / fusion ringtone.

    The recorded/generated audio file will be stored under /mnt/sdcard/Songit/

    version 1.0.0
    1) selection from folders to browse songs feature.
    2) recording feature added.

    version 2.0.0
    1) Multiple song selection
    2) selection reset.
    3) search box feature added.
    4) bug fixes.

    version 3.0.0
    1)accurate selection controllers added.
    2) Mp3 ringtone setting feature added.
    3) My files option added.
    4) user reported crashes fixed.
    5) Bug fixes.

    version 3.1.0
    1) MyFiles crash fixed.
    2) Recording alert made scrollable for huge font setting.

    version 3.2.0
    1) User reported crash fixed.
    2) Bug Fixing.

    version 3.3.0
    1) New Main-screen added.
    2) Bug Fixing.
    3) Start-app search monetize added.

    version 3.4.0/3.5.0
    1) Google compliant APK release.
    2) Bug Fixing.
    3) crashes fixed.
    4) Large screen support added.

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