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    When you have nothing to do, what do you want to use to kill the time? Songs is a good choice which also can take you happiness. Do you usually use your mobile phone to listen to songs? If so, a good music player is important to you.

    Songs Fountain is a good songs player and it is free. It can play several formats of songs and you can use it whenever and wherever.

    1. When you are the first time to use this player, maybe there is no song listed on the first page. In this case, you just touch the MENU and a SCAN button appears. Touch the SCAN and all the songs in your mobile phone will be listed, sometimes some audio also can be added.

    2. There are three modes for you to choose. They are ALL MUSIC, BY SINGER and BY DIRECTION. If you choose the first mode, all the songs will be played one after one. By SINGER is the songs classified on the basic of there singers.

    3. Sometimes you only want to listen to the songs you like, right? This player can let you do this. You can build a new folder and then add the songs you like in it.

    4. Touch the song you want to listen and then the player will play it to you. If you need to do other things, the songs had better pause. You touch the middle of the last one and nest one buttons, then the song will pause. Another touch will make the song continue.

    5. If you touch the ALL MUSIC for a long time, a menu will appear and then you have the right to rename or delete it.

    6. This is a new music player and it need improve. If you would like to support this songs player, please give it five stars. Any advice to this player will be welcomed.

    Songs Fountain is a free music player. It is new but it can let you get a good enjoyment of songs. This is not a simple mp3 player because it not only can play mp3 songs.

    When you have a walk, you can take an earphone to enjoy songs. When you take a bus, you can use your mobile phone to listen to songs. Most of time you can listen songs to get happiness.

    Songs Fountain is a good music player for android. You have no time to try music player one by one, this player maybe the best to you. If you feel that this songs player is good, you can recommend it to others.

    I hope it can be your music partner.

    The simplest type of MP3 file applies one bit rate for the entire file — this is called as Constant Bit Rate encoding. You know using a constant bit rate makes encoding simpler and faster. However, it is possible to create files where the bit rate changes by the file. These are called as Variable Bit Rate files. The idea behind this is that some parts will be easier to compress, such as silence or music containing just a few instruments, while others will be much more difficult to compress.

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