Songs Library




    The ultimate music player for Android, which allows you to enjoy thousands of songs here and more support more powerful functions.
    A person who likes music must be one who pursues the inner satisfaction more than the external. Nothing can match with the freedom which they ask. Immerse oneself and enjoy the music to the full to fly your soul.
    Songs Library dose not means it will provide you a lot of music but is a free music player, which can also be called the best music player available on the market. Compared with other music players, it is outstanding because of its wonderful functions and multi-buttons.
    Imagine music navigation like never before. Songs Library has done it!

    1.Record your voice or other sounds is available. Imagine that you are a young mother, you work all the day but miss your little baby. It is impossible for you to call him all the time. So you can record his voice, laugh or cry and listen to them when you miss him. You can also to record your own voice and songs singed by yourself and check it whether you have a good voice or the gift or ability for singing. Do you think it would be very interesting?
    2.With LRC Sync, let you have a free online music experience. Since, only online, that we may get the LRC. However, this player can not support online playing, for which we are striving on it.
    3.To control the playing progress, you just slide the progress bar. Pause, play, the next one and the last one for you to manage your experience.
    4. Added the function of Spectrum Analyze.When you listen to the music, you can see the spectrum of each song. So that it will Add more aesthetic feeling and enjoy more music.
    5.There are six buttons on the main screen. For example, Artist and album(music or songs are sorted by these two types.), Local(to view your local music files and all them to the playlist.
    6.With Songs Library, you can edit any music you like. Note that the audio format should be mp3.
    7.This free music player-Songs Library only supports mp3. Other audio formats may fail to play for some Android version.
    8.Create your own favorite list in like.

    Do you want to own a songs library for your Android? Move your finger and get it here as quickly as possible.
    If you have any question, please feel free to email us.
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