Sound of Sakia Radio



Sound of sakia is a radio station that reflects the social & music cultural scene in Egypt & MENA region. Promoting the Egyptian culture and introducing the local & MENA talents to the world. El Sawy Culturewheel Official Online Radio.

Sound of Sakia’s mission is to enrich the cultural scene in Egypt by expanding the reach for local artists, workshops and speakers through high quality cultural programming online to be assessable to a broader audience in Egypt and abroad.

• Becoming El Sawy Culturewheel”s virtual space at first and act as a culture base for all cultural spaces in Egypt.
• Making culture attainable at any time, any place and by everyone.
• Offering a bigger platform to all local and MENA region artists to expose their talents.
• Engaging regional and international audiences through an inspiring culture & art-focused vision which is showcased by Egyptian local talents.
• Selecting an outstanding radio programming to complement the social, art & cultural developments within Egypt through a credible and responsible Radio.
• Acting effectively and in the best way to reach the young and the young at heart around the world.

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