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A free strobe tuner (or stroboscopic tuner - see ) is a musical instrument tuner that works differently to other type of electronic tuners.

To use the strobe tuner, select the desired note and observe the pattern created when playing. Rotation indicates that the note is sharp (clockwise) or flat (anticlockwise). The faster the rotation, the more out-of-tune. This rotation is very precise and gives a much more accurate result when compared to ordinary electronic tuners. Each ring on the disc corresponds to a partial above the fundamental (the two inner rings are below the fundamental) and can be used to tune instruments with many partials.

Configuration options
* Note and octave selection
* A4 = 440Hz (adjustable in fractions of a Hz)
* Mask aperture size (to adjust the pattern clarity)
* Noise threshold (to block out background noise)
* Frequency Calibration (adjusts in 0.1c increments to a specific device or instrument)
* Auto-detect note

This strobe tuner is not like some others around that "emulate" a "strobe display". This tuner has an internal model of virtual wheels and flash lamps that actually perform the same process that a real strobe tuner would do.

This free app is ad supported, so internet access is required. An unlock key is available on the market to remove ads, enable colour picking, and enable selecting of temperament (e.g. Equal, Just, Kirnberger, Werckmeister, Young). The free version must also be installed. Get it at

Please contact me at if you have any questions or find any bugs.

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