Suspense OTR Vol #13 1948



The "Suspense Old Time Radio Volume XIII (1948 Jul-Dec)" Android Audio Book App!


  • Summer Night (1948-07-15)
  • Deep into Darkness (1948-07-22)
  • The Yellow Wall paper (1948-07-29)
  • An Honest Man (1948-08-05)
  • Beware the Quiet Man (1948-08-12)
  • Crisis (1948-08-19)
  • Song of the Heart (1948-08-26)
  • The Morrison Affair (1948-09-02)
  • The Big Shot (1948-09-09)
  • Hitch Hike Poker (1948-09-16)
  • Celebration (1948-09-23)
  • The Man Who Wanted To Be Edward G Robinson (1948-09-30)
  • Night Cry (1948-10-07)
  • A Little Piece of Rope (1948-10-14)
  • Give Me Liberty (1948-10-21)
  • Death Sentence (1948-11-04)
  • Muddy Track (1948-11-11)
  • Sorry Wrong Number (1948-11-18)
  • The Screaming Woman (1948-11-25)
  • The Hands of Mr Ottermole (1948-12-02)
  • The Sisters (1948-12-09)
  • No Escape (1948-12-16)
  • Holiday Story (1948-12-23)
  • Break Up (1948-12-30)

    The Android App "Suspense OTR Volume XIII (1948 Jul-Dec)" is a full featured media player with:
  • Selectable Table of Contents to allow to jump to the start of any of the chapters.
  • Adjustable Progress Bar to allow to jump to any spot in the current playing chapter
  • Previous Chapter Button
  • Rewind Button
  • Play / Pause Button
  • Fast Forward Button
  • Next Chapter Button

    The "Suspense OTR Volume XIII (1948 Jul-Dec)" App will not use up your data plan's minutes by downloading the audio files (mp3) over and over. You will download load all the data when you install the App. The "Suspense OTR Volume XIII (1948 Jul-Dec)" App works even in airplane mode and in places without Wi-Fi or phone network access! So you can listen to your audio book anywhere anytime! The "Suspense OTR Volume XIII (1948 Jul-Dec)" App automatically pauses when you make or receive a phone call and automatically resumes after the call ends. The "Suspense OTR Volume XIII (1948 Jul-Dec)" App will continue to play until you exit the App or pause the reading so it is perfect for listening in bed, at the gym, or while driving into work.