SynthBasics 1 - Part 3 of 3



Lone Tree Music in collaboration with Macdonald Software presents "Synth Basics 1" an app that is aimed at all of those who are interested in learning the basics behind how a synthesiser works.

Specifically focusing upon Thor Polysonic Synthesiser which is included in Propellerheads Reason 4 & 5. However even if you use a different music program, the lessons here are aimed to be useful to all that have an interest in learning how a synthesizer works.

If you have ever wondered how to roll your own sounds to create patches or make your own Refills using synthesizers this tutorial could be just your ticket for sound design heaven.

Aiming to “keep things simple” the tutorial firmly gets to grips with the important underlying functions and uses of the various modules that make up a synth.

Bottom line we want you to finish this tutorial feeling that you have a firm understanding of how to build electronic sound from the ground up.

In the final part of this first section we shall take a look into the workings of a filter and see how it sculpts the sound.

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