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If you have ever heard of Tupac Shakur, the Outlawz, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog than you will want to listen to a rapper so hardcore, so rhythem-atically fresh, mixed with beats that you could easily mistaken as something out of Dr. Dre's book. Sounds incredible right? It gets better...how about an ultra street thug that grew up on the streets, made his way living the life of a gangsta and has no curse words, or swearing. A Tupac Shakur Family Safe, Gospel Hip Hop Hard Hitting original rap that is unlike anything you have ever heard before then you have found a legend in the Hip Hop world and his name is T-Bone Soprano. He is the Boney Bone and he has positive uplifting, life changing, beat banging, bass crankin rap that is know as the Conscious Rap. Take a trip to the right side and listen first if you dont believe me. If you are searching for a bag that won't empty, some rocks that you wont be fiending fiending for than you have found a demon slaying, rhyme dealin soldier for Christ.

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