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Tabla Master is an innovative android application of Softgrace Technologies for music education using virtual reality, 3d modeling and on demand audio and video synthesization.
Tabla is the most used percussion instrument in India, almost every genre of Indian classical and light music use Tabla as the important rhythm instrument for accompaniment with vocal and other instrumental performances.
Tabla Master is your virtual Master who can provide the playing guidance of each Bol, words, Phrases, Taal compositions, Kaida compositions, Rela compositions for the matter of act every possible Tabla composition.
If you are Tabla student you can use this application for quick reference book, if you are a music Master you can suggest your students start using this great virtual Master in addition to your guidance. If you are a music researcher or music lover you can use this for knowing and understanding about Indian drums Tabla in details.
In fact Tabla Master is like active Tabla Book that can provide the complete reference of Tabla.
This product is not at all the replacement for your Tabla Guru, but provides the insight about the Tabla and its rich vocabulary, rhythm patterns, bols, words etc..
Tabla Master (basic) Features
Pre-load lessons
- Bols : Dha, Dhin, Ta, Thin
- Teen Taal
- Rupak Taal
- Dadara Taal
- Kaida in Teen Taal

Simulated Tabla Lessons teaching
Load Selective Lessons and Play
Pre-loaded lessons
Control the speed of playing
View in all 360 degree angels to observe on how to play Tabla
Play in four speeds 30 BPM to 240 BPM
Play Bols with automated camera focus and zoom to provide better visibility
Remember last lesson played
Learn Tabla parts with guided audio
Touch screen rotation of video
Zoom video up-to 20x
Optimized for Mobile Devices, Tablets and Android TVs

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