The Beatles Song Meanings




    This App provides information on how The Beatles were inspired to write the lyrics to their songs.

    It currently features information on how 55 of the Beatles most popular songs came to be written, and more will be added.

    It is ordered out in 'British' Album order (from Please Please Me to Let It Be), making it easy to see how the Beatles evolved throughout their career. Being first inspired by simple Rock 'n' Roll greats such as Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry; and girl groups such as the Shirelles on their earlier albums. Through to evolving their own style and techniques on songs such as I feel fine and Rain, and then becoming largely independent song writers in their later years, such as George Harrison's Something, Ringo Starr's Octopus's Garden, John Lennon's Across the Universe, and Paul McCartney's Yesterday.

    It is interesting to see the inspiration of many of The Beatles songs, such as a packet of cereals on Good Morning, a teenage runaway on She's leaving home, and a painting by Julian Lennon on Lucy in the sky with Diamonds.

    The App is ideal for fans who want to know more about how the fantastic four came to write their music and who was the leader for individual The Beatles songs. It is based on my work at, and I hope that you have as much fun learning about the meanings of The Beatles songs as I did writing about then.

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