The Heritage Of The Desert



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Heritage Of The Desert, The by Grey, Zane

Jack Hare is a young cowboy who was rescued from sure death by an old settler by the name of August Naab. Hare learns that Naab's ranch is a dangerous place and is challenged by cattle thieves and a corrupt rancher who is after Naab's water rights. The greatest danger Hare faces though, is over Mescal, a half-Navajo shepherdess who is already promised in marriage to Naab's first-born son. Hare must stop the marriage, but can't kill the son of his benefactor, August Naab...until a gun battle with rustlers brings the two face-to-face over drawn pistols. (Summary by Jerry James)

Total running time:

9:25:07">Richard Kilmer

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  • 01 - The Sign of the Sunset
  • 02 - White Sage
  • 03 - The Trail of the Red Wall
  • 04 - The Oasis
  • 05 - Black Sage and Juniper
  • 06 - The Wind in the Cedars
  • 07 - Silvermane
  • 08 - The Breaker of Wild Mustangs
  • 09 - The Scent of Desert-Water
  • 10 - Riding the Ranges - Part 1
  • 11 - Riding the Ranges - Part 2
  • 12 - The Desert-Hawk
  • 13 - Echo Cliffs
  • 14 - The Sombre Line
  • 15 - Wolf
  • 16 - Desert Night
  • 17 - Thunder River
  • 18 - The Swoop of the Hawk
  • 19 - The Heritage of the Desert
  • 20 - Unleashed - Part 1
  • 21 - Unleashed - Part 2
  • 22 - The Rage of the Old Lion
  • 23 - Mescal
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