The Little Lame Prince (Audio)

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    The Little Lame Prince is a story written by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik and first published in 1875. In this story, a young prince whose legs are paralyzed due to a childhood trauma is given a magical travelling cloak by his fairy godmother; he uses this cloak to go on various adventures, and develops great wisdom and empathy in the process.

    The story begins with a prince who, dropped on the way to his christening, becomes lame for the rest of his life. After the deaths of his parents, his uncle usurps the prince's throne and sends the prince to live in a tower without doors.

    He is aided in his pursuit of learning about himself and the world around him by his fairy godmother, who names him Dolor. Aided by his godmother and his own inquisitive mind, the prince gains wisdom to surmount the challenges his useless legs have brought him, and the courage to return to his kingdom of Nomansland after the death of his uncle.

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