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    Now it’s even easier to take The Summit with you! With The Summit Radio app, not only can you listen to The Summit, you can also listen to all of our HD channels…commercial-free!

    With The Summit Radio app, you can:
    - Stream any of our four “stations”
    - Get artist and title information
    - Request a song
    - Share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, or by email from your phone
    - Find help/treatment with just a touch (Rock and Recovery™)

    The Summit is a commercial-free, all-music, adult-focused public radio station based in northeast Ohio. The station’s signature sound mixes emerging artists, vintage tracks, and local artists from northeast Ohio.

    Summit Flashbacks pays homage to our 80’s Alternative/Modern Rock roots. We still own northeast Ohio’s biggest and best Alt-rock musical archive, and, we’ve dusted it off and gave it a home on “Summit Flashbacks.”

    KIDJAM! Radio™ is an exciting listening experience that kids and parents can enjoy together. The sound is fresh and fun, and features hit tunes spanning five decades. The primary mission is to empower and entertain children while enhancing self-motivation, good nutrition, and creating high self-esteem, through peer-to-peer communication.

    Rock and Recovery™ provides entertaining and meaningful music, with positive messaging, mixed with individual testimonials and humor, to those addicted to alcohol or other substances, as well as to their families and loved ones. These powerful stories and meaningful messages are carefully woven in between hand-picked music, that is uplifting without being preachy, spiritual without religion, and familiar to a wide audience.

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