*Release ToneTuner 6.0 !! *
*Thank you attention please. *

ToneTuner is the simple singing trainning app in mobile.
This app shows your voice pitch in real-time.
And Music sheet at top of screen displays
that you have sung, which can play.

In Using this app, I hope to improve your singing skill.

And, This App can compose a music. Enjoy composer.

Thank you.
Release ver.6.0.2 2012/06/28
-Fixed app-down by a error of a ad.

Release ver.6.0.0 2012/06/24
-Added sing-button
-Sheet smooth h-v scrolling.
-Improved rendering for recording.
-Added a numder of bar and track.
-Fixed bugs

Release ver.5.7.0 2012/05/23
-Fixed a bug that Select 0,1,9 and 10 octave of the note-keyboard
-Fixed a error mic. control bar
-Fixed failed to load a module.

Release ver.5.6.0 2012/05/21
-Fixed a bug that the tail of the chord over the base oc.
-Added a bar of the note head that over sheet.
-Added VerticalScroll(Can be displayed F1~D8#:base 4oc.)

Release ver.5.5.0 2012/05/18
-Added Pitch target bar in the spectrum
-Change to play at the position of the cursor in the edit mode.
-Fixed bugs about chord.
-Fixed bugs previous version
-Release ToneTuner 5.5 (PAID)
Release ver.5.0.1 2012/05/15
-Remove the titlebar
-Fixed a bug : continually input mode of dotted rest
-Fixed a bug : the diffence of chord memders
-Fixed to fail to load voice-module
-Fixed reported bugs.
Release ver.5.0.0 2012/05/09
-Added Chord, KeySig.
-Added extracting MIDI file
-Added recording user song
-Added show difference of frequency
-Prevented back button, when edit note.
-Fixed trimmed the bottom of the sheet by ad.-view.
-Updated manual v1.1 (How to record and Change to input keysig.)
Release ver.4.0.3 2012/05/02
-Added tie,bar
-Added four tracks
-Added four examples
(silence night, jingle bell,
-twinkle little star, happy birth day)
-fixed green color of lyrics when sing.
-Added user-manual(need to download.)

Release ver.4.0.2 2012/04/21 :

-Added editable lyrics.(Check lyrics in the setting )
-Added movable playbar.
-Added the fast scroll of the sheet.
-fixed a bug of headset message bugs
and etc.(more stable version)

Release ver.4.0.1 2012/04/16 :

-Added auto-spot(for note)
-fixed bugs.(more stable version)
-Added instrument octave.
-Added dotted notes and rests.

Release ver.4.0.0 2012/04/09 :

-Supported GM Instruemts(128) :
-Supported all sheet octaves(0~10) :
-Added sheet tempo(90-100)
-Added edit cursor(Touch a sheet when edit mode) :
-Added matching pitch mode. :
-Improved button interface.
-If you connect a headset, you can listen to the bg. music.

p.s. Soon more update!

Release ver.3.0.2 2011/09/14 :
fixed a bug.

Release ver.3.0.1 2011/09/13 :
added menu.(help and sheet speed settings)

Release ver.3.0.0 2011/09/02 + :
Reduced a program size from 450k to 160k

Release ver.3.0.0 2011/09/02 :
added note keyboard.
changed to sense microphone sensitivity.
fixed a bug that the screen don't redraw immediately-
when background sheet remove.
fixed a bug that this app don't execute-
when lang orientation mode

Release ver.2.0.0 2011/08/31 :
added file save/load.
added background sheet and play it.
changed edge of button more round.
removed permission of charging call phone service .

Release ver.1.0.2 2011/08/29 :
fixed a spectrum's bug in ver.1.0.1

Release ver.1.0.1 2011/08/29 :
fixed ad.

Release ver.1.0.0 2011/08/29

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