Transformers text alerts



Munjaalrimeum ​​1. Our service is munjaalrimeum ​​Infinite Challenge, comedy, concerts, night entertainment programs, such as 2 and is a parody munjaalrimeum ​​2. Menteuman not simply a character tone for your BG by taking advantage of that moment to moment is to strengthen the effect 3. Public non-professional voice ◆ Try to set a parody of a variety of munjaalrimeum: teuraenseupomeomunjaalrimeum ​​=== === How to use the character set beep tone press the character sets are stored is negatively basic text alerts. Save Character Tone jeojangman nurumyeon text alerts will be negative. Munjaalrimeum ​​Settings - Message to speak with the incoming sound from the setup screen should be simyeon. Katokalrimeum ​​Set - kakaohtok Tone settings in the Settings screen, please change notifications that are Setting Tone Facebook - Facebook Notifications -> Menu -> Settings -> Notification is done by changes in ring. In some devices the default settings should not negatively the notification, and message notification settings can be set to go.

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