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Treble volume booster, for all the treble lovers! There are a lot of bass booster apps out there, but what if you want to amplify high tones? Just install this free treble booster and enjoy clear vocals, boosted high frequency sound and enhanced listening experience on your Android device.

The app works by using equalizer to control the gain of high frequency sounds (treble volume enhancement). This results in more exposed vocals in your music, better instrument hearing, and if you set treble boost to high levels, louder volume of your Android media player. You will also enjoy a better quality sound and louder treble volume!

NOTE: please test this free treble booster using headphones or external speakers! The speakers in your phone will not be able to cope with treble volume amplification and you will not enjoy a nice treble boost.

For best results, install this free Treble Booster application and combine it with my Bass Booster. By doing so you will be able to tune both bass and treble (low frequency tones and high frequency tones). Trust me, you won't believe how good your Android phone can sound using both treble booster and bass booster!

How to use:

1) Play some music using your favorite media player, it can also be a youtube video, internet radio, video stream, etc.
2) Enter the free treble volume booster app, and use the circular control to set the boost to a desired level. A level of 50 means no boost, anything above that will result in treble boost. If you are trying to decrease the treble volume, use a value below 50.
3) For best listening experience: use good quality headphones and don't forget to install Bass Booster!


✓ treble booster by using an equalizer
✓ volume booster (use a high level of treble boost)
✓ exposed high frequency tones
✓ clearer vocals in music
✓ more enjoyable music listening on your Android device.

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I'm also open to any suggestions on how to improve this treble volume booster, so don't hesitate to contact me if you have some ideas.

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