Tremor Explored



FXpansion's amazing Tremor is one of the most earth-shaking virtual drum machines in your arsenal! Let world-class programmer Hollin Jones give you the lowdown on this one-of-a-kind instrument...
FXpansion shakes up the world of drum machines with this incredibly powerful variation on the beatbox theme. That’s because Tremor is a unique virtual instrument capable of creating beats with incredible new features and some never-seen-before flexibility. Hollin Jones takes you through Tremor and shows you all you need to know to create your own amazing beats.

What make Tremor so cool is that it allows you to use 8 distinct sequencers, each with its own synthesis engine!Hollin guides you, step by step, through the creation of sounds and patterns in Tremor. He'll show all the ins and out of Tremor's interface and the unique way it approaches drum sequencing, as well as its super powerful modulation system, TransMod. Once you have a killer beat, you can go ever deeper: Tremor gives you envelopes, LFOs and FX section to further enhance and morph your sounds!

So get ready to go where no drum machine sequencer has gone before...with master programmer Hollin Jones as your guide. And while you're here, don't forget to check out all of the other killin' courses on DAWs, Soft-synths, and Recording in our ever-expanding library!

Table of contents:

1. Introduction to Tremor
2. The Interface - Upper Section
3. The Interface - Lower Section
4. The Preferences
5. Loading and Swapping Kits & Patterns
6. A First Look at the Sequencer
7. Understanding Sequencer Input Modes
8. Working With the Sequencer Tools
9. Using Patterns and Slots
10. How to Make a Beat - the Basics
11. Polyrhythm in the Sequencer
12. Getting Creative With Beat Programming
13. Looking at the Kit Mixer
14. The Oscillator
15. Noise and the Synth Mixer
16. Filtering and Drive
17. Fast Envelopes
18. Amp Envelopes
19. Graphs in Tremor
20. Using Graphs to Animate Sounds
21. Advanced Graph Control
22. Effects - the Basics
23. Using Effects Chains
24. TransMod - the Basics
25. Assigning Multiple Parameters
26. Using TransMod With Effects
27. Understanding Macro Controls
28. Build a Kick Drum
29. Creating a Snare
30. Building a Hi-Hat
31. Synth Design - Part 1
32. Synth Design - Part 2
33. Using Tremor in Your DAW
34. Using Multiple Outputs with Tremor
35. Automating Tremor in Your DAW
36. Wrap-up