All started back in 1999 with a HROSSHARSGRANI Tape called "Uruk-hai", only 6 copies where made for good friends of mine, this friends told me after listen to that tape that they like it very much so I decieded to start a new project doing this kind of "Battle Ambient" under the name of URUK-HAI. First I decieded to do music only regarding Tolkiens world but later in 2004 I lost a bit the fascination about it and I started to create Nordic mythology influenced music and also I created a concept album about the ancient Inka culture in South America. But Tolkien Hailz, the fascination about the wonderful world of Tolkiens books comes back to me stronger than ever. The ideology of URUK-HAI I only can say I try to create a soundtrack to Tolkiens world as goood as possible. Hmmm what you never heard before, I always mix sounds from old URUK-HAI tracks with new ones to create something os a concept through all the releases I´ve ever done...

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