VoiceNoteMp3 Lite



VoiceNoteMp3 Lite is a free real time mp3 recorder.
It uses the microphone and encodes the data in mp3 in real time!
No more storage issues! No more waiting!

* Audio files are stored in the SD card (in folder VoiceLiteMp3 by default).
* UNLIMITED recording time!
* Play and manage the records directly from the application.
* Share the records on Facebook, GMail and much more!
* Show/hide in music library
* Record even when your phone is sleeping or when you use another application.
* Resume recording of an existing file.
* Adjust input gain from 0% to 1000%!

User actions:
* Simple touch on audio item to play with favorite player.
* Long touch on audio item to share on Facebook, GMail, ... or delete.

Limitations of the free version:
* This free version only records with 44100 Hz sampling, 128 kbps bitrate and encoding quality 7.
* You cannot rename nor update mp3 tags from the application.
* VoiceNoteMp3 Lite displays ads.

Full version additional features:
* Let VoiceNoteMp3 adjust the gain for you with 'Smart gain' option
* Edit mp3 tags of your records.
* Set records as ringtone
* Tune mp3 encoder and bench your phone to compare encoding / recording speed!

* The application can be moved to the SD card.
* French and English versions.

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