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    Volume booster and volume controller gives you an opportunity to fine tune your volume levels all in one place.
    This volume booster / volume controller free Android app will make your sound listening experience more enjoyable by providing a fast and easy way to adjust:

    ★ alarm volume
    ★ dialer keys volume (dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF))
    ★ music volume
    ★ notification volume
    ★ ring volume
    ★ system sounds volume
    ★ voice call volume.

    Turn all the sliders to the max and enjoy maximum volume boost your phone can handle or use moderate volume levels to just use this free volume booster / volume controller application as a shortcut to different system volume settings.

    If you are looking to further enhance your listening experience, try out my other app - a free bass booster which lets you enjoy a boosted level of nice, smooth bass on your phone.


    volume booster
    ✔ volume controller
    ✔ media volume control
    ✔ system volume control
    ✔ easy to use
    ✔ alarm volume control.

    Don't believe apps that say they can make your volume stronger by 30 or 50%, because this is no longer possible. The same thing goes for all sound quality enhancers. This app will not boost your volume by 70% nor will it improve overall sound quality, but it will enable you to easily access volume control sliders for all sound streams your phone has. This volume booster / volume controller app is free and works with any audio device: internal speaker, headphones, external speakers.

    Please contact me if you have any problems or suggestions regarding this application. I'm open to all ideas.

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