Water Glass



Water Glass is recorded/reproduced [ sound / waterdrop sound and / which struck the pint bottle ], and can be enjoyed.

※this charged version -- please perform checking of operations by Water Glass (trial version) before purchasing an application.
In Water Glass (the charged version), a Save/Load function is effective.

[Operating procedure]
1. Since loop recording will be started if an upper left red button is pushed, please touch a pint bottle and a waterdrop button.
2. After using a halt condition to change recording time, the seek bar in the left is set as right and left, and can be adjusted.
3. Push a garbage can button to delete the recorded data.
4. Please set up the lower right seek bar for a L/R setup after choosing sound to change by a halt condition to change PAN (L/R).
5. Please save the loop sound which touches lower left Save/Load and is recorded now.

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