Zynth Music Synthesizer



Zynth is a vintage modelling synthesizer, with a unique "scratchy" sound bringing to mind retro games from Atari and Nintendo era. Shape your tones using seven different audio components. Access the online library of presets to load and share sounds with other users.

Key Features:

★ Two oscillators with five wave types: Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square and Random
★ LFO modulating Pan, Volume and oscillators frequencies
★ Arpeggiator
★ Reverberation
★ Delay (new!)
★ Low-pass/High-pass filter (new!)
★ Saving and loading any number of presets
★ Online library of presets
★ Facebook integration

Zynth is free, with no paid version!

*Please note: due to Android compatibility issues, reverberation effect may not work on some devices.*

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