Burger Recipes!


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"Burgers burgers everywhere, but not a bite to eat"

  • Burgers!
  • But not really.
  • Force closes without working every time

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Totally exhaustive compendium of burger recipes... if only it worked

NetSummitApps' Burger Recipes! seems like a fat and juicy idea, but it totally fails to deliver on both beefiness and cheesiness. In place of what should be stacks upon stacks of burgery goodness comes force closing and crushed dreams.

The app held so much promise. Lamb burgers! Teriyaki salmon burgers! Vegetarian black bean burgers! Gourmet spherified burgers! Freegan salvaged meat scrap burgers! And yet, every time I tapped upon a recipe, saliva already gushing from my glands, the app force closed.

A tear comes to my eye and a grumble to my stomach. NetSummitApps' Burger Recipes! simply does not work like it oughtta.

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Nov 12, 2013

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