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CBS Radio Mystery Theater V.01

CBS Radio Mystery Theater V.01

50 - 100 downloads

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The "CBS Radio Mystery Theater Old Time Radio Volumne 1" Android App!

Episodes #01 through #50:

  • Old Ones Are Hard To Kill (ep. 0001)
  • Return Of The Moresbys (ep. 0002)
  • Bullet (ep. 0003)
  • Lost Dog (ep. 0004)
  • No Hiding Place (ep. 0005)
  • Honeymoon With Death (ep. 0006)
  • I Warn You Three Times (ep. 0007)
  • Cold Storage (ep. 0008)
  • Death Rides A Stallion (ep. 0009)
  • The Resident (ep. 0010)
  • Accounts Receivable (ep. 0011)
  • You Can Die Again (ep. 0012)
  • Ring A Ring Of Roses (ep. 0013)
  • The Girl Who Found Things (ep. 0014)
  • The Chinaman Button (ep. 0015)
  • Dead For A Dollar (ep. 0016)
  • A Very Old Man (ep. 0017)
  • And Nothing But The Truth (ep. 0018)
  • Deadly Honeymoon (ep. 0019)
  • Speak Of The Devil (ep. 0020)
  • The Ring Of Truth (ep. 0021)
  • Time And Time Again (ep. 0022)
  • Three Women (ep. 0023)
  • The Man Who Heard Voices (ep. 0024)
  • Mother Love (ep. 0025)
  • The Man Who Asked For Yesterday (ep. 0026)
  • Dead Ringer (ep. 0027)
  • A Ghostly Game Of Death (ep. 0028)
  • The Sign Of The Beast (ep. 0029)
  • Here Goes The Bride (ep. 0030)
  • The Lady Was A Tiger (ep. 0031)
  • After The Verdict (ep. 0032)
  • Conspiracy To Defraud (ep. 0033)
  • Deadly Hour (ep. 0034)
  • Deadmans Mountain (ep. 0035)
  • A Dream Of Death (ep. 0036)
  • Dig Me Deadly (ep. 0037)
  • Under Grave Suspicion (ep. 0038)
  • A Lady Never Loses Her Head (ep. 0039)
  • The Walking Corpse (ep. 0040)
  • Blizzard Of Terror (ep. 0041)
  • Sea Fever (ep. 0042)
  • The Walls Of Jericho (ep. 0043)
  • The Horla (ep. 0044)
  • The Horse That Wasnt For Sale (ep. 0045)
  • The Edge Of Death (ep. 0046)
  • A Choice Of Witnesses (ep. 0047)
  • Out Of Sight (ep. 0048)
  • Prognosis Negative (ep. 0049)
  • This Will Kill You (ep. 0050)

    The Android App "CBS Radio Mystery Theater OTR Volume 1" is a full featured media player with:
  • Selectable Table of Contents to allow to jump to the start of any of the chapters.
  • Adjustable Progress Bar to allow to jump to any spot in the current playing chapter
  • Previous Chapter Button
  • Rewind Button
  • Play / Pause Button
  • Fast Forward Button
  • Next Chapter Button

    The "CBS Radio Mystery Theater OTR Volume 1" App will not use up your data plan's minutes by downloading the audio files (mp3) over and over. You will download load all the data when you install the App. The "CBS Radio Mystery Theater OTR Volume 1" App works even in airplane mode and in places without Wi-Fi or phone network access! So you can listen to your audio book anywhere anytime! The "CBS Radio Mystery Theater OTR Volume 1" App automatically pauses when you make or receive a phone call and automatically resumes after the call ends. The "CBS Radio Mystery Theater OTR Volume 1" App will continue to play until you exit the App or pause the reading so it is perfect for listening in bed, at the gym, or while driving into work.

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