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Drummer Friend - Drum Machine

Drummer Friend - Drum Machine

500 - 1,000 downloads

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120 rhythms covering almost all styles, everyone user customizable and with intro fill-in variation and ending, 222 stereo quality cd samples, plus 16 vintage mono , percussions sets and 2 drums kit , realtime wavetable synthesis, multilayer/multivelocity for key sounds, audio effects expander/limiter, reverb, bass boost, 3D, equalization presets, humanized playback.

Preset drum machine (also programmable) for live playing with your preferred musical instrument.
Drummer friend plays the drums as a real drummer using different samples at different velocity and even different samples at the same velocity, simulating left-right hand and different touch.

Requires fast devices, at least 1 Ghz or dual core.
Could be that with low memory heap gingerbread devices only most important multilayer sounds will be loaded.
If you have high end device please consider Drummer Friend HD with 4 extended drums kits!!

- 120 presets rhythms everyone with intro, ending, fill-in and variation parts
- 48 stereo sounds for a comprehensive acoustic drums kit and percussions using 222 samples, plus 16 mono vintage samples of tr808.
- 2 drums kits
- multilayer/multisample of key sounds (kick, snares, high hat, stick, toms)
- effects engine with reverb, bass boost,3d virtualizer, equalization curves
- humanized drums playback based on evaluation of real human errors: every beat sounds slightly different for timing, volume and timbre
- editor that allows to modify existing rhythms and create new ones
- possibility of send and share your rhythms
- limiter effect that simulate compressor used on drums recording; the sound is first expanded and then limited with a limiter; the main stream volume control can be used to compensate this effect on sound level.

112 presets rhythms are:
12/8, 16 beat, 8 beat, afro, around, back beat, ballad, beat 6/8, beat 6/8 2,
blues bossanova, blues bossanova 2, boogie, bop,
bossanova 1, 2, 2 var, brush,
break, cha cha, cha cha cha, dance 1,2, disco 1, 2, 3, dubstep
hip hop 1,2,3,4,5, funk 1, 2, 3, fusion, fusion jazz,
groove 6/4 jazz, latin 1, 2, 3, flamenco, smooth 1
modern bossa, pop 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, pop slow 1, pop slow 2,
rock 1, 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8, rock hard, rock terzine,
rumba 1, 2, 3, reggae 1,2, samba 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
salsa hit, salsa (2-3 clave), salsa (2-3 tick), salsa (3-2 clave),
shuffle, strange, soft march, songo 1, songo 2, slow roll 6/4, stevie 1,
swing 1, 2, 3 (3/4), 4, 5, 6, 7 ride, 8 half time,
take 5/4, tango 1, 2, techno, tr808 bossa a, tr808 bossa b, tr808 rock, waltz 1, 2, 3 jazz
world (disable limiter) ,
beguine, bossanova 3, joget 1,2, latin sunday, pop 6, reggae 3, reggae 4 boogie, whisky, wind beat, jazz fiesta, jazz funk

To modify an existing rhythm select it from main app and touch the edit checkbox,
then the rhythm editor will be started and show four tracks of events view with some controls in the upper part of screen.
Every quarter note is divided by 24 ticks, at 12th ticks we have an 1/8 note, at 6Th ticks a 1/16 note, at 3 ticks 1/32 note, at 2 1/32 triplet, at 1 tick 1/64 triplet.

You simply touch a + symbols or an existing sound and the app show you a dialog for add, modify or clear an event.

On the selection list in the main screen the user sequences are written in blue bold style.
User sequences are stored in /drummerfriend/usersequences.xml that is a xml format file.
You can share your sequences with another user (that must have drummer friend ver 1.2 or above) sending this file as attachment with Gmail.
When the user receive and views this attachment from Gmail using drummer friend, sequences will be imported.

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Recently changed in this version

- Better BPM accuracy (Beats Per Minute) .

- Noise Shaping on quantization process to get better sound, more clear.

Comments and ratings for Drummer Friend - Drum Machine
  • (70 stars)

    by augusto dalmau on 09/01/2014

    Simply the best

  • (70 stars)

    by Deborah Waters on 05/01/2014

    The upside is that it does what you expect from a drum machine really well and sounds great. The downside is controlability, as a drum machine it really needs a footswitch at least. Maybe it could be an option to use a USB footswitch on a future version. It would also be useful (perhaps as an alternative to an external footswitch) to have a song mode or pre-set pattern control mode. I found only

  • (70 stars)

    by Ben Simmonds on 19/10/2013

    I don't know if this app will stay in my usual Live Worship kit, but it sure has got me out of a tight spot cheap. What's missing to make this really work? Set lists, maybe even integrate a selection wheel into live mode for easy tempo changes.

  • (70 stars)

    by christopher edmund sham on 20/07/2013

    Excellent.. can't wait for the next update!!

  • (70 stars)

    by Joe stewart on 15/07/2013

    Pretty good how can record it or save it? I wanna import into my 4 track program on nexus 7 also how could import a guitar lick or into drummers friend?where's the help section or user Manuel? Besides awesome program:-)
    Where's the user Manuel? How can import a guitar sample to make a beat over? Or how can export the beat to another program I have the jt40 4 track app for nexus 7and I wanna import

  • (70 stars)

    by Simon Jellis on 18/05/2013

    I have used many hardware drum machines to jam along to over the years and this is by far the easiest and best to use. The sounds are great too. It would be great if you quicky could change kits for a given pattern (e.g. play a ballad pattern with an 808 kit) or perhaps I am missing something obvious?

  • (70 stars)

    by Stanislav Alkhazov on 02/05/2013

    Great features. Sound is good, especially with limiter enabled. Works perfect on my S2.