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DSub is a Subsonic music streaming app. Use DSub to connect to your remote Subsonic server and listen to your music wherever you go!

ChromeCast for audio (both online and offline)
Browse by tags or by folder structure
Holo UI
Lockscreen controls (ICS+)
Gapless Playback (JB+)
Replay Gain
Manage/Listen to Podcasts (And auto sync new podcasts)
Playlist Management
Better offline support (cached playlists, search, etc...)
Better Bluetooth controls (works with more devices, sends metadata on devices which support it)
Better Shuffle (size of playlist option + by year, genre, etc...)
Quick add/remove songs to playlist
Pause playback when other apps request audio focus (navigation, etc)
Stuttering playback fixes for the users who were effected by it
Option to gather logs and send them via email for newer versions of Android which don't allow 3d party apps (ex: alogcat) to gather other apps logs anymore.
Drag and Drop songs to rearrange your playlist on the Now Playing tab
Chat tab
Bookmarks tab
Automatic bookmark management
Share tab
Admin tab to manage users from
Tasker support
Rate albums/songs
More options!
Random minor improvements

The code for this project is a fork of Subsonic and is released under the GPL and are available on Github: https://github.com/daneren2005/Subsonic:

Note: The permission to read system logs is only for the option to send logs via email (which you have to explicitly click and then send) and isn't used anywhere else.

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Recently changed in this version

Improve automatic bookmark logic
Tasker: Toggle online/offline
Tasker: Set start/end year + genre for shuffle
Remove files no longer on server
Calculate bitrate instead of relying on tags
Work around for issue of EQ sometimes not starting
Fix issues with offline playlists
Fix all servers sharing a recently added count
Fix star options not showing up when using Show Album

Comments and ratings for DSub
  • (77 stars)

    by Aaron Conover on 22/10/2014

    Nothing else even come close in terms of features, design, or reliability. This app is amazing, and I've used all the rest including Plex.

  • (77 stars)

    by Ramses H. Trejos on 16/10/2014

    Stability, efficiency, simplicity, and endless working devs make this subsonic client the best in its class.

  • (77 stars)

    by Alistair Marshall on 13/10/2014

    Responsive dev who helps with bugs/feature requests.

  • (77 stars)

    by Tristan Banta on 13/10/2014

    This may cost a bit of money, but it is far and away the best subsonic app.

  • (77 stars)

    by Leigh Hunter on 13/10/2014

    Use in my car for tunes

  • (77 stars)

    by Andrea Minini Saldini on 11/10/2014

    I couldn't be happier! Great developer, great communication. Fantastic app!

  • (77 stars)

    by Aaron C. on 11/10/2014

    Edit: So turns out the one issue I had with DSub wasn't a DSub feature at all, the high volume warning is an Android feature within certain builds, and mine's one of them. So 5 stars for DSub. My only quibble I guess is I'd like "Show Artist" from the album screen, since sometimes I arrive at the album through random and having to do a second search for the artist name can be a little laborious.