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Unlock the potential of your microphones: Record music events, phone calls, interviews, meetings, band rehearsals, lectures, voice messages, dictation, eavesdropping. From high-quality stereo recording to basic wide-band quality. Instantly after recording, send e.g. your interview to your broadcasting team, your concert recording to your friends, or a dictation to your secretary.

Field Recorder is only available on Google Play!

Turn your smartphone and tablet into an HQ audio recorder!

Customers say it is the best audio recorder app that money can buy and worth every cent.


Field Recorder provides easy-to-use presets for standard tasks like dictation or concert recording. However, it is designed for professional use as it provides more than 80 options to customize it to the given device and situation. Also, external microphones are supported.

• Records and plays mono or stereo wav files

• Supports file overwrite or resume record dubbing modes

• Up to 90 seconds pre- and 4s post recording. You won't miss any important stuff even if you are too late at the start button

• Auto start, stop, and continue, depending on loudness. The control signal can be filtered independently to optimize it for voices and other audio signals

• When recording, automatic stop at 4GB maximum file size and even seamless restart of a new file is available (activate auto start with a low threshold)

• High-precision stereo audio engine with minimum-phase shelving equalizers and stereo balance correction to compensate for flaws of the microphones. Also with recording booster, configurable limiters, soft clipping, and high-quality monitoring

• Wav player with volume maximizer, silent and audible fast-forward and fast-rewind, and low-latency random access to any play position via progress bar

• Stores recordings internally or on any chosen SD card (even if you have two or more SD cards installed). Default is SD card. Optionally makes recordings visible to your favorite player

• 9200 colors available for the metallic-brushed skin. Also, you choose round or rectangular LEDs, left-hand operation, the button size, and your favorite color for the LCD display

The First 2 Hours: Getting Started

Use the Play Store 2 hours return period to test how audio recording works on your phone. Start with the presets which you select by touching "Factory". Probably, you find a preset in the cloud perfectly adapted to your smartphone!

Then try the different inputs from "In:MicA" to "In:MicE" (touch "In:MicA"). If you activate "Monitor", use headphones to avoid an acoustic feedback loop. Check without creating audio files, just by pressing the pause button, which activates the level meters. In the LCD you see a date/time string as the potential file name.

• The name of a modified preset is shown in the LCD in gray
• Play back uses the PlayLimiter and ignores the Monitor switch, so monitoring can be deactivated during recording
• Touch "time/position/free" label to show remaining recording duration
• Touch battery symbol to toggle between battery and CPU usage
• Touch "CLIP" to reset clip LEDs
• Touch meter to open its configuration menu
• The meter shows peak amplitudes or the start/stop control signal
• Active auto start overrules pressing the pause button
• The 1.5kHz filter optimizes the auto start/stop control signal for speech. 750Hz are better with high-frequency environmental noise, 3kHz reduce low-frequency influence
• Soft Clipping is active above -3dBFS
• Limiting and Soft Clipping work only if Boost is greater than 0dB
• Recording Boost above 20dB might produce hardware feedback loop (caused by weak power supply)
• Overwrite and Append modify existing recordings (warning can be switched on/off)
• Activate flight mode to reduce noise floor

Tags: aufnehmen mithören, low frequency recorder.

Recently changed in this version

5.0 (With Android >=4.4 don't uninstall if recordings are on SDcard)
•Option: Access to Gain Control, Noise Suppression, and Echo Cancellation at Android >=4.1
•Recording and playback via class-compliant USB audio cards at Android >=5.0
•Two call recording preset examples

•Real-time signal view
•Diagnostics LED and 4 expert options reduce latency problems and drop-outs

•Pre-amp clip LED
•Low-cut filter

•Write to SD card at Android >=4.4

•Convert recordings to mp3/AAC/FLAC

Comments and ratings for Field Recorder
  • (54 stars)

    by BigDeisel1d markDeramax1d on 23/01/2015

    Use it every day.

  • (54 stars)

    by John MacLeod on 22/01/2015

    So far ahead of any other recording apps! I was beginning to think my recording quality was a limitation of the phone, then I tried this....I was wrong!

  • (54 stars)

    by Fin Wright on 10/01/2015

    Uses the stereo microphones on Samsung zoom k, turning it into a fantastic recorder

  • (54 stars)

    by Don Bowman on 07/01/2015

    I have a Blue Tiki microphone (USB) on 5.0. The Tiki mistakenly announces it has an output (its input only). By turning off 'auto-route' on the debug media options, I can make Audio Recorder pro work (since it allows selecting input and output device independently). But I cannot make Field Recorder work since it either gets both input and output from the Tiki (so silence), or both input and output

  • (54 stars)

    by Mark Honsbeek on 04/01/2015

    **Note: If you want to use a external mic than you probably need a external audio converter like the: RØDE SC4.** I work daily in the professional video making business and I must say this app is perfect for little semiprofessional project's where you don't wanna bing a lot of stuff to. This app comes close to a record device like a Zoom. The app is reliable so far, no crashes during record and no

  • (54 stars)

    by Jacob Painter on 01/01/2015

    Seem to be having some issues with recording on my LG G3. I'm using an iRig Pre with a Shure PG27. Seems to be an AGC issue because I get a lot less hiss in apps that allow me to disable AGC but no one else does live monitoring which is why I love your app. I get the best results with Mic E but still getting hiss, big gain fluctuations, weird compression. Any ideas?

  • (54 stars)

    by Андрей Штукатуров on 25/12/2014

    But UI is hard to understand

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