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MusicOne音樂平台,提供超過160萬首本地國際大碟歌曲,讓您在電腦、手機、平板電腦及家居影音系統任聽任睇歌曲、MV及演唱會 ! MusicOne用戶可下載MusicOne手機應用程式並下載心水歌曲,或使用電腦享受無限串流。

MusicOne App功能介紹
.清晰播放: MV、演唱會解像度最高可達480p,加上超凡歌曲質素(256kbps 或以上),盡享極致視聽效果
.龐大音樂庫: 提供過160萬首本地國際大碟歌曲、MV及演唱會任聽任睇;新歌經典、中英日韓應有盡有
.推介列表: 超過20個推介列表﹐為您挑選100首歌曲﹐無論熱戀失戀﹐輕鬆憤怒﹐總有一個列表可以配合您的心情
.列表同步: 賬戶內的播放列表設同步處理,只需儲存一次,使用手機或電腦登入都可開啟
.離線收聽: 歌曲設下載收聽,成功儲存的歌曲/播放列表,在沒有網絡覆蓋下也可離線收聽(無須額外數據)
.無限串流: MV及演唱會即時串流,不佔手機儲存空間
.歌手分類: 特設精選及經典歌手類別,並按歌手姓氏之英文字母分類,尋找心水歌手更快捷方便
.歌手精選: 歌手頁面嶄新功能,一按即播喜愛歌手所有歌曲
.智能搜尋: 提供關鍵字聯想,簡易搜尋心水歌曲
.動態歌詞: 部份歌曲設動態歌詞,讓您跟隨歌曲節拍邊聽邊唱


以上內容適用於已登記MusicOne試玩及付費用戶並受香港寬頻一般條款及細則(及MusicOne服務之條款及細則( )所約束。


MusicOne is a music platform featuring more than 1.6 million local and international songs, which brings you exquisite music entertainment to suit your every mood at any moment on your computer, mobile phone, tablet and home entertainment system! Download the MusicOne App now and start downloading your favourite songs or even enjoying the unlimited streaming on your computer right away!

MusicOne App Functions
.High Quality: The highest resolutions of MVs and concerts can be up to 480p with outstanding audio of 256kbps or above, enjoying the ultimate sight and audio experience
.Giant Music Library: Featuring more than 1.6 million local and international songs, MVs and concerts, including pop and classical, rock and jazz, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean etc.
.Playlists Recommended: More than 20 recommended playlists of different genres, such as In-Loved or Broken and Relax or Angry. There should be one can fit your mood
.Playlists Synched: Online playlists are automatically synched across your devices, so no matter where you are, you always have access to your favourite music collection
.Listening Offline: Once the songs/playlists are successfully downloaded onto your devices you can listen to them even without internet coverage (no additional mobile data is needed)
.Unlimited Streaming: All MVs or concerts can be streamed; do not occupy your mobile space
.Singers Categories: Featured and All-time singers are sorted in alphabetic order of their surnames; making the way more convenience to find your desire singers
.Singer’s Radio: Newly established function where all the songs of the singer are just a click away
.Smart Searching: Typing in keywords and you can search your songs.
.Charts: Showing the top 50 frequently clicked songs
.Dynamic Lyrics: Some of the songs offer lyrics that scroll according to the rhythm and tempo of the music for you to sing along with rolling lyrics
.Personal Music Library: You can download a maximise of 5,000 song tracks and create 100 playlists; let’s start creating your own music collection

Existing MusicOne users let’s download the MusicOne App now and you can discover the Music World after logging in right away! And you can have the chance to win a prize!

The above contents are applicable to existing MusicOne free trial and service subscribers and are governed by HKBN’s General Terms and Conditions ( and the Terms & Conditions of MusicOne Service (

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