MusicBox Nature



MusicBox Nature is a music box that will help you relax with the sounds that Mother Nature gives us.

When trying to sleep,
When trying to relax,
When you try to study,
When you try to de-stress,
Or when you want ...

- 4 hours and 20 minutes of relaxation.
- 70 images that will run every 20 seconds with very beautiful landscapes. (Now 100 images!!)
- Really a gift that should not stop having plus is totally free!

To download the sounds must access the application menu and select "Download Music"
Then you can download as high quality (HQ) or medium quality (MQ)
The sounds are composed of:
   Audio 1 - Water (1 hour)
   Audio 2 - Birds (33 minutes)
   Audio 3 - Animals (1 hour and 9 minutes)
   Audio 4 - Animals 2 (1 hour and 4 minutes)
   Audio 5 - Water and sounds of Nature (35 minutes)

On reaching the 20,000 users who have the application installed will give away 1 hour of sounds.
On reaching the 50,000 users who have the application installed will give away more than two hours sounds.

Do not forget to rate the application.
Kindly send us an email with your comments or suggestions

We hope you enjoy it!

Permissions required:
  - Permission for phone calls is to automatically pause the music when a call comes.
  - Permission is network communication for advertising.
  - The storage permit is to download the sounds

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