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100,000,000 - 500,000,000 downloads

  • Ease of use (one button to catch)
  • Cool Screen widget
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Search accuracy
  • Public-based database (you could find mistakes or not find the song)
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Expert's Review

"Oh I've heard this song before!"

Reviewed by / Nov 27, 2014

Shazam is a song identifier, the easiest way to discover more about music

It couldn’t be easier to use: just tap on the central button of the app and hold your phone up to identify the track. It will display track information such as the album, title, artist, videos, lyrics, and more. Not all this info is available for all tracks; Shazam’s database is public-based and availability depends on users' willingness to upload. This is perhaps the main flaw, but nonetheless, the amount of info available on thousands of songs is just incredible.

Once Shazam identifies the song you can buy the track on Amazon. What's more, you can tag songs without data coverage. You can also check out your friends’ tagged music and add tracks straight to your own Tag List. Sharing tags with friends is simple because it's integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Shazam’s screen widget allows you to tag easily from your phone desktop. And you can keep yourself up-to-date too; Shazam has info about tour dates for your tagged artists and you can even buy concerts tickets right from the app.

This is the free version that includes unlimited tagging until Jan 1st 2012. Then it will be limited to a specific amount of tags per month (it used to be 5-7). If you like the app you can upgrade to Shazam Encore (£2.99), that includes unlimited tagging and exclusive features such as integration with Spotify and Pandora Radio.

Shazam was developed by Shazam Entertainment Limited. This is the only app they've launched on the market but it’s been a great success on most mobile platforms.

Shazam is one of those apps that you won't probably use everyday. However, you’ll really appreciate having it installed in your phone when it helps you to discover new songs and artists. We strongly recommend you give it a try.

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Developer's original description available here
Shazam is the best way to identify music and TV. In seconds you’ll know the name of any song, or more about what you’re watching - touch to Shazam to start your journey.

Once you Shazam music, you can easily:
• Preview and buy tracks on Amazon or Google Play
• Sing along to the beat with real time lyrics
• Share your discoveries on any social network
• Watch music videos on YouTube
• Share your discoveries on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+ and Pinterest
• Listen to full tracks with Rdio, Spotify or Deezer
• Connect to Rdio to create a playlist of your Shazamed tracks, or add tracks to any Rdio playlist
• See song recommendations from others like you

You can also use Shazam with TV:
• Shazam your favorite TV shows for the cast, soundtracks, and more
• Shazam ads to watch again, share with friends, or get special offers

Want even more?
• Go to to see your entire Shazam history; sign in to Facebook to get started
• Check out News to discover great new videos, updates and more, from artists and TV shows
you’ve Shazamed; plus see what your friends are Shazaming
• Explore shows you what’s trending around the world and zoom in for local chart knowledge
• Book concert tickets for artists you’ve Shazamed

Use Shazam as much as you like – it’s unlimited. Don’t want the advertising – upgrade to Shazam Encore

Lyrics and LyricPlay™ available: US, CA, UK, FR, IT, DE, ES, AU, NZ

MIPS devices are not supported

Why does Shazam need these app permissions?


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See it, Shazam it. Unlock content, interactive experiences, special offers & more wherever you see the Shazam camera logo or a QR code. Tap the camera icon in the app to get started
High five, Shazam is on Android Wear! See what song is playing and watch the lyrics unfold right on your wrist
Log in with email for more personalization & see your Shazams on
Ask the Google app to Shazam for you: "Ok Google, Shazam this song”
We're on Lollipop so Shazam is faster, more reliable & prettier

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  • - Know exactly where you are. It uses GPS.
  • - Know what access (wifi, 3G…) you have at every moment.
  • - Act as an AccountAuthenticator.
  • - Use Bluetooth to connect to a paired device.
  • - Track nearly Bluetooth devices and pair them with yours.
  • - Broadcast sticky intents, thus allowing quick data retrieval held by the system.
  • - Be able to access the camera device.
  • - android.permission.DOWNLOAD_WITHOUT_NOTIFICATION
  • - Have access to the list of accounts linked to your device.
  • - Send and receive internet info.
  • - Modify audio settings.
  • - Perform I/O operations over NFC (Near Field Communication).
  • - android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • - Read phone state. Used to know whether you're in a call or not.
  • - Read the sync settings.
  • - Record audio.
  • - Use the vibrator.
  • - Prevent your device from sleeping or screen from dimming (turn brightness down).
  • - Write whatever to your SD card.
  • - Change the sync settings.
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    by micagordon on 24/03/2015



  • (0)

    by hantik10 on 20/02/2011

    hello gays , i found good music <a href=""> Rihanna - Complicated</a>

  • (0)

    by sahil palaha on 21/05/2015

    it retains retry message again and again..! fed up..

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    by John Heller on 21/05/2015


  • (0)

    by Chris Pratt on 21/05/2015

    Finally! You can now tag songs right from your watch. Recognition seems a little slow, but still awesome.

  • (0)

    by Kajali Nuru on 21/05/2015

    Great app!

  • (0)

    by C Byrd on 21/05/2015

    Find the music and holds it....