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smartChord calculates, shows and plays much more than chords and fingerings: for different instruments, for predefined tunings, for custom tunings, from 3 to 8 strings, from the first to the last fret, for beginners and experts, with capo, for right- or left-handed users, ... and (hopefully:) fulfills all your wishes.
smartChord provides you also a reverse chord finder, scales, arpeggios, a chromatic tuner, metronome, pitch pipe, ear training quiz, transposing slide ruler, playground, tone generator, timer, flashlight and as a new feature: Circle of Fifth:-)

It's worth a try and useful for every musician! Promised!!!

Ultimate chord reference:
* Dictionary with > 220 types of chords
* Expansion each chord to a 'slash chord'
* Support of guitar, bass, banjo, balalaika, bouzouki, cavaquinho, mandocello, mandolin and ukulele with specific settings for each of them
* Choice between more than 200 predefined tunings (e.g. DADGAD or mandola)
* Define an individual custom tuning for each instrument
* Calculate all the possibilities for playing a chord and the fingering
* Supports a capo
* Supports instruments with shortened strings (e.g. 5 string Banjo)
* Browser/explorer for comfortable navigation
* Modes for different playing strength (basic, advanced, expert)
* Individual adjustment for almost everything. For example: Showing (no/just) barré-chords, number of the frets and finger, if base tone is obligatory, ...
* Viewer for the grips:
- In detail, in the gallery or all the fingerings in the overview
- Limited to a range of the fretboard
- Notes of the chord or of the whole fretboard
- For right- or left-handed users (lefties)
* For the overview:
- Clear charts and diagrams
- Define your favourites
- Filter and search the chords
- Sort the fingerings according to best sound, level of difficulty, placement on the fretboard, number of the required fingers
* audio playback of every chord and every fingering. The sound can be chosen. E.g. classic-, acoustic-, electric-guitar, ...

Reverse chord finder
Finds out, if a chosen grip corresponds with a certain chord.
Define if you allow slash chords, inverted chords or incomplete chords

It shows how the notes of a chords are spread on the fretboard.

Precise tuning with the chromatic tuner:
Analyses the tone and visualisation in different ways. Showing of
- the recognized note and octave,
- the frequency of the played note, as well as the target frequency,
- a scale with colours, showing to what extent the right tone is stroked,
By option, vibration of the smartphone if the pitch is met.

Scales for your improvisation
* Display of different scales (e.g. Major, Dorian, Pentatonic, Chromatic) for every keynote
* Shows the musical notation with formula
* Plays the scales
* Play the scales yourself on the fretboard

Metronome for the perfection of the timing:
* Speed trainer
* Precise up to 300 bpm
* Optically, acoustically, vibration
* Choice between 60 different MIDI sounds

Training of the musical ear:
* Learn how to distinguish between all notes of the scale and arbitrary chords
* Decision which notes or chords one wants to train
* Check the recognition rate in the aural training by a statistic
* A wide range of instruments to play the notes (about 80 instruments)
* Choice in which octave the note shall be played in the game

A 'playground' (not really a virtual instrument) to play, hear and compare different chords and fingerings.

Transposing slide ruler to transpose music from one key to another

Pitch pipe for tuning the instrument. This is also a very good aural training

Audio signal generator:
Exact with the frequency range from 0.01 Hz to 19,999.99 kHz. For:
* Tuning the instrument, generating exact references tones with the synthesizer
* Testing of the hearing, the bandwidth of headphones and speakers or other audio or studios equipement

Flashlight for the next campfire

Timer to control the practising time

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Recently changed in this version

smartChord 2.15.3

Tuner activated again !!!
We made a workaround for the bug in Android 5.0 (Lollipop). As this bug should be fixed in Android 5.0.1 (coming up the next days), we must not use this workaround for 5.0.1. Please let us know, if there are problems with Android 5.0.1 again.

No asking for donation anymore

smartChord 2.5
Optional "Bright style"
* Run the metronome in the background
* Dim the screen

Comments and ratings for smart Chords & tools (guitar..
  • (75 stars)

    by Del Absalom on 13/12/2014

    If your instrument has strings you will love this app. Great work.

  • (75 stars)

    by Larry Donahue on 13/12/2014

    I don't rate many apps but this clearly gets a 5 from me.

  • (75 stars)

    by David Johnson on 13/12/2014

    Awesome app

  • (75 stars)

    by Karyl Balmatero on 13/12/2014

    Very useful, especially to beginners like me :))

  • (75 stars)

    by Jerry Bowker on 12/12/2014

    I'm a seasoned player, so I feel qualified to say something about this app. Job well done. When I was starting out, info this comprehensive wasn't available in one source usually, and one had to gather things piecemeal as they went along. I paid hundreds for guitar reference volumes once.....and much of that is represented here in this app. Clincher: it's free. An awesome and very utilitarian appl

  • (75 stars)

    by ALIREZA RADFAR on 12/12/2014

    خیلی خوب و کاربردی

  • (75 stars)

    by Jim Stepler on 12/12/2014

    Love it. Most complete setup easy to use.