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Voice recorder that doesn't bother recording silence (if you don't want it to of course)

  • Silence skipping
  • Record for long stretch of time
  • Cannot change silence sensitivity

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"Voice Recorder That Doesn't Bother Recording Silence"


This is a reasonably simple voice recorder, but it has a couple of nice features. It also has a fair amount of customization available. There is one important setting missing however.


Smart Voice Recorder is reasonably simple in most regards. It has one very interesting feature however - it can automatically pause recording when there is silence. It can also record for very long stretches of time, and gives you loads of customization, including audio quality.


There is one important setting missing - the ability to change the sensitivity of the silence skipping feature. This means in noisy environments it may not work, and it may not pick up quiet sounds.

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by Oliver

Apr 22, 2015

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