Do you like TheBasedGod? Do you like metronomes? Do you like it when metronomes use Swag? I don't know what that means, but with this app we can have you Swaggin' in no time!
Use Swagnome to conduct an orchestra, cook, sing, live, cry, preach, gargle, tolerate, run, violate, smoke, swing, die, hug, punch, fish, race, or even lunge! What?!
For those new to rhythmic Swag the easy to use BPM slider can help you ease into the world of Swagger. We HIGHLY recommend starting at a lower value and slowly raising the speed as your body adjusts to the influx of Swag. At higher BPMs we suggest that you only run Swagnome for no more than an hour. Please exercise caution! This is the most Swag legally allowed without a prescription!

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